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Approximately 90% of our new customers have the all so common “slinky foil hose” as their connector hose that connects the dryer to the main dryer exhaust.

However Did YOU know that:

1) Every single Dryer Manufacturer for several decades has had warning labels on the back of ALL of their dryers (and additional warnings in the manuals of the appliance) that specifically says “DO NOT” use these plastic or foil products?

2) Did you know in the language of the manufacturers they refer to it as a potential fire hazard and life threatening danger?

3) Did you know major box stores like Lowes, Sears, H.H Gregg and potentially others have been through class action lawsuits at least once & in some cases more than once because of the practicing of installing dryers with these products?

Optimal Dryer performance hinges on great airflow. Our company has not only validated the opinions & taken heed of these recommendations of the manufacturers, but we’ve also identified these products immediately slow down the airflow. There are several videos on our YouTube channel proving this out.

Check out our video for a quick and more thorough explanation! And YES, we have safer solutions that are approved & will immediately improve your airflow!

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My first job of the day was some new homeowners that recently moved in and inherited the dryer from the seller. Ever since they had moved in they had poor dryer times.

During the inspection of the vent’s hood on the roof I found a 100% clog caused by a screen that the roofers neglected and are required to remove because of building code. In this video I explain the number of consequences of a clogged vent and no matter what creates the clog, it can become a fire hazard just as you’ll see in this video, I removed a large chunk of burnt lint from these folks’s dryer.

A job I had this week that quickly got on my Top 10 WORST dryer vents AND dryers list. The video explains itself, watch and share! You could literally save someone’s life and property by sharing this to help increase the awareness of dryer fires!