Additional Services

Additional Services

We don’t just stop at your dryer and dryer vents.  With our add-on services we can maintain other areas of your home too.  

Nate’s Dryer Vent Cleaning is now offering some add-on services we can provide while we are already there for a service call or dryer vent cleaning.  Let us know if you are interested in any of the following services at the time you book your appointment, so we can properly plan and allot the correct time for our services.  

Assuming you have a cleanable 3 or 4 inch bathroom duct (cleanable meaning it’s semi-rigid duct, NOT foil hoses) we can clean your bathroom ducts. If you do have foil we can provide a price to change them out and upgrade them to a more airflow efficient material, semi-rigid duct.

Bathroom fan cleaning will assist in the life-span of the overall fan.  In nearly all cases we will pull the fan down from the ceiling and minimally take it apart to clean the fan blades and surrounding parts and components.  need a new fan and/or bathroom duct installed? Inquire with us about that.

In Florida, it is recommended you have your AC drainage line cleaned at least twice a year.  Why? Because cool water is dripping and running its way through the 1 inch PVC pipe to the outside where it is hot and humid. As a result, algae will start to growing in the PVC which then can cause water to back up, due to back-pressure. That water can back up to the float switch at your AC Handler which will then auto-shut off your AC and can cause water to back up and flood under the air handler. At this point you’d like need to hire an AC Tech to come out and have them turn your machine back up and do a proper cleaning. But pro-actively cleaning your AC Drainage line helps mitigate this!

How we flush the drainage:

Step 1: We first suck all the existing water out with a shopvac in which a percentage of algae build up comes with it.

Step 2: We then add more water to the drainage line and repeat step one.

Step 3: We repeat step 2 until the water that we continue to suck out the water, we then fill the drainage line with white vinegar which is not only a known cleaning agent but is known to break down algae also.

Mission completed!!

Washer machines can get quite grimy and dirt especially if you have a front loader washer machine.  Our washer machine cleaning is initially on a sliding scale and after we arrive to your home and see how dirty the situation is we can assess how long it will take to do a quality cleaning and give you an exact price, if needed, up front. Our washer machine cleaning package includes:
  • Front loader: We will detail scrub the large rubber door gasket that can get quite nasty with grime and detergent residue and in most cases we can get it looking like new and certainly smelling better in the process.
  • We remove the drainage hose from the washer than can get a build up of all that dirty filth as it drains into the plumbing line.  Cleaning the drainage hose will also help eliminate any lingering odor and will also help with making sure the washer machine properly drains and is not slow to drain or even worse…backing up.
  • After cleaning and flushing the drainage line we then use a rotary plumbing “snake” and “snake” up to 15ft of the drainage arm that leads up to the main drainage line.
  • After everything is cleaned, we then run one sanitizing/self-cleaning load with a product called Affresh which is a product made by an appliance manufacturer specifically designed to help clean the washer.

Florida has very hard water and you can see the consequences of it when your shower heads get that nasty calcium and mineral build up that can be tough to clean.  If it has an impact on your shower head it is absolutely having an impact on the washer hoses.  Regardless of their condition, washing machine hoses  should be replaced about every 5 years to prevent flooding emergency.  Standard washing machine hoses are made of black rubber. Unfortunately, these hoses only last a few years and will eventually fail, causing one big mess and costly water damage.  We offer a pair of stainless steel braided hoses for $45.  If you need  a third hose because your dryer is hooked up with plumbing line an additional hose can be purchased and installed for $20.

**We no longer will turn the washer machine water supply valves on or off.  If you want this service done you will have to turn the valve on and off for us.  These valves go bad overtime (again because of the minerals in the water) and we want to eliminate the risk/responsibility of a valve going bad if we turn it (OR – if something wasn’t properly constructed from the get to).

We all know how dirty and nasty it can potentially get behind a washer and dryer if the appliances are never or rarely moved around to clean the floor.  In the same way, especially if you have pets, pet hair, dirty, dust, etc. can build up behind and under your refrigerator.  The reasoning for cleaning the coils and compressor is the EXACT same reason AC companies clean them for your AC unit; it can inhibit the appliance from working properly and contribute to causing part failure.