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The Consensus: The Safest Model Dryer on the Market

We here at Nate’s Dryer Vent Cleaning, your Space Coast’s Certified Dryer Exhaust Technicians, we are not only about optimizing your dryer performance and therefore efficiency but most especially focus on fire prevention since dryer fires are the 6th leading cause of house fires according to the National Fire Protection Association (in which we are a member of). Quick side note: Don’t miss the video embedded at the bottom of this blog!

If you are a follower of ours, most especially on our social media platforms -or- if you’re a customer then you already know that unlike many companies out there, we fully follow dryer manufacturers recommendations and not only clean the dryer vent, but also fully or minimally disassemble the dryers to clean the interior of the machine. The reason it’s recommended and we do this is because cleaning the dryer is literally the most effective & immediate way to reduce the risk of a dryer fire. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist or fire fighter to tell you the more flammable lint in the dryer, the higher the risk. That’s why we say, a clean dryer is a SAFE Dryer!

Now apart from this there are model dryers out there that are safer than the rest. If there’s one or more circumstances causing a lot of back-pressure in the exhaust system, lint will accumulate in the dryer at an expedited rate than normal therefore increasing the risk. We’ve found no matter what brand or model you have a significant amount of lint can still accumulate – even in the dryers we recommend! However, with the model dryer you see pictured below, due to the location of the heating element it ranks this dryer as the safest model. We’re not the only folks to say this, not only do many other dryer vent colleagues say the same but most especially appliance repair pros who see dangerously dirty dryers like we do on a regular basis.

This model is considered a standard size dryer also which means it saves space in ever-so shrinking laundry rooms and they tend to fit laundry closets also. This model dryer is made by approximately a half a dozen dryer manufacturers such as Amana, Roper, Whirlpool, Maytag, Kenmore, etc. They are the easiest to repair as a result of being the easiest to get inside of. Many homeowners even will DIY repair these models because it’s so easy to get inside.

The heating element is what heats the machine and, in these models, it’s positioned vertically on the back of the machine. The vertical positioning of the heating element is extremely advantageous because it creates less of an opportunity for lint to accumulate versus a heating element that’s positioned horizontally. Horizontally positioned heating elements can build up so much lint on top of it it’s like a pad or carpet of lint that slowly chars as it roasts. Eventually it can catch fire spilling over on to the floor of the machine which more lint will likely be located allowing the flames to spread. See the below pictures comparing and contrasting lint on a vertical heating element versus a horizontally place heating element.

If you’re an apartment manager who leases dryers, or perhaps a complex that has laundry rooms, if you’re an investor that has rental properties I especially recommend using these types of dryers for all the aforementioned reasons & to keep your clients/ renters safer.

The video below explains everything stated in this article but has more pictures and videos included in the video. I also showcase a dryer where the heating element is positioned completely differently than the vertical and horizontally located heating elements which is extremely common for GE Dryers.

We’ve spoken to countless appliance repairmen and everyone one of them I’ve spoken to about this, they absolutely agree. I hope this article has equipped you with information that you’ve found to be of interest and consequently interested in checking out our other super informative blogs, provided by Space Coast’s #1 Dryer Vent Company. Thanks for reading/ watching!

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